Choose your snack

Apple & Chia muesli

You will love the delicious flavour combination of apple and chia, every bite is packed with nutrients

Banana & Chocolate muesli

When it comes to an amazing combination, it is hard to beat these tasty Banana and chocolate mueslis

Coconut & Chocolate muesli

Flavourful crunchy oat flakes with blended coconut and chocolate you can’t miss

Cranberry Muesli

For all the fruity lovers, you can’t go wrong with these. Now mornings can leave everybody smiling with our cranberry hearts

Chocolate Muesli

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Great way to satisfy your cravings in a healthier way, high in fibre with natural source of oat flakes

Papaya Muesli

Without refined sugar addictive’s but the sweetness of high quality dried fruits, these papaya mueslis help in weight loss